Call of Cthulhu

Mortality and the Occult: Historically and Contemporarily by Stanley Hagen

Chapter 1

Stanley Hagen sat in the mostly empty library of Miskatonic University furiously scribbling notes into a journal. He had stumbled upon a decayed copy of Isaac Branigan’s expedition to Egypt to discover the Book of Thoth. Mr. Branigan’s attempts were ultimately unsuccessful but were not entirely barren of fruit. For instance, his notes on the sacred rituals of certain cults still performing the funeral rites of ancient times were very enlightening and must be transcribed for future study, lest age take this tomb of knowledge from the world of man forever.

He scribbled his nearly illegible shorthand into the notebook, referencing the complicated rites of death and the passage into the afterlife. Why did they remove the organs? Did they expect the return of the host to the body to resume life eternal? And why continue the practices now knowing that, scientifically speaking, that was impossible. Fascinating. The librarian will be by again to “check on” Stanley. One, Two Three better check on Stanley. Stanley was convinced that the librarian was in the employ of the Arkham police department and by extension the FBI. Surely they were aware of his research, incredibly important as it was. No matter, he had his rights, he could be in a public library as long as he wants.

Stanley continued his “research” well into the night. Eventually he was politely asked to leave, as always, as the library was closing. That was acceptable. He finished his notes from this book and would resume tomorrow on a new topic. Knowledge is power and Stanley’s eyes were open.

In the land of the blind….the one eyed man is king.



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